REGEJ Project

What is REGEJ?

Introducing you REGEJ! It is a research side project, apart from the REC and DVision. REGEJ is a port of REG Engine for the Java platform using the JOGL API. At first it was thought that it will be not so hard, but now, after three months of development, it seems to be quite a challenging experience. Although the project is still in pre-alpha condition, I will be posting some progress examples here (as an applet) from time to time. Stay in touch!



Issue with Java 6 update 15 is finally fixed (applet was failing to start on any machine with Java 6 update 15 or higher; for more information read here). The project itself is currently frozen, till I have some spare time for it (supposedly in January).


REGEJ Project is in its initial state. All the basic functionality and maths are implemented. Some minor problems with file loading (Java doesn't like reading files in little endian :)) should be fixed by the end of next week.

Sample Applet

Control Action
Mouse + L-Button Scene rotation
Mouse + R-Button Scene zoom in/zoom out
Mouse + L-Button + R-Button Scene panning
[PAUSE] Toggle system console on / transparent / off
[A] Toggle world axes rendering on / off
[B] Toggle model bounding box rendering modes
[G] Toggle scene grid rendering modes
[N] Toggle light normals rendering on / off

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