• Added support for unicode file names
• Thumbnail view in File Browser
• Added file operations to File Browser (delete, rename, etc.)
• Scene rendering is now performed in a separate thread
• Model Statistics panel became more informative
• Toggle on/off separate scene objects rendering
• Lots of other GUI and usability improvements
• File processing speed is increased
• Upgraded memory manager
• New 3D tools added
• 3D tools/editors processing speed is greately increased
• Normal Recalculation plug-in now uses smart logic and performs at light speed
• New file formats support: GIF import, DDS import, BMP export, Targa export, BioVision Hierarchy import, MS3D ASCII export (beta)
• Autodesk 3DS import plug-in is greately improved and corrected
• Milkshape MS3D import plug-in now correctly handles subversion 1 vertices
• Object File Format and Stereo Litography import plug-ins now correctly generate normals
• Increased JPEG loading/saving speed
• PNG import now supports paletted images
• Engine stability increased
• Added double-sided materials support
• Fixed incorrect window sizing in full screen
• Other bug fixes



• Totally redesigned 2D viewing system. It is now much faster and precise.
• 2D editing tools added
• Animation AVI Recorder added
• Better file handling
• Lots of UI and usability improvements
• Interface Custmization support
• Plug-In Manager updated to increase processing speed
• New file formats support (see Formats section for details)
• Landscape Generator plug-in fixed and updated
• Print/PrintPreview is fixed and updated
• Other bug fixes



Initial release. All announced features included. DVision 3 is on the run!
• New shiny and intuitive GUI
• Image viewing support
• Faster operations
• Totally new plug-in API
• And lots more!

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